SharePoint MOSS 2007 Permission Levels

Here is the list of Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services for MOSS 2007 permission levels with a brief description of each:
Full Control
Has Full Control. This is the least restrictive permission level with full control over the MOSS installation and post configuration tasks.
Can view, add, update, delete, approve, and customize. You can create resource libraries as well as lists and edit pages on the site.
Can view, add, update, and delete. You can add, delete and edit previously created list items and document libraries.
Can view and read. This is the most restrictive permission level and allows only to read pages on the site including the resource libraries.

Limited Access is a permission level that is automatically assigned to a user or a group when you assign them a role at a lower level but to access that lower level they require to access an object at a level higher than they have permissions to.

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