Colour Combinations and Mixing

There are so many great websites that can help you plan your colour scheme. Here are my favorites:

Colorcombos :

Adobe Kuler: This is a very mathematically brilliant site to use, it allows you full control of your colours, but doesn’t allow you to “destroy” your scheme with a terrible match. I use this one the most  It provides a brilliant, quick way of settling your “colour range” argument. I call it an argument, because if you have ever met a graphics designer with a touchy client, you understand.

Color Scheme Designer Another fantastic site, and I actually put this and Kuler up against each other to see if the colours match up. I enjoy this one because of its’ ease of use and the way the wheel works and the way you can choose a colour scheme type.

Color Schemer: If you are struggling you can grab some fantastic inspiration from this site, and even up load your own colour schemes to help others.

Once you are done, you can always use Check My Colours to get a very good “drill down” of where your sites colours have missed the mark slightly.

So, remember, a site is not all functionality and code. It is also about presentation and feel. If you ever need help, just call three people in your office to look at your design or colour chart. Listen to their opinions and work from there. You cannot please every one, so please yourself and the person paying.

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