Website Checklist

Checklist Detail needed before starting project:

Technology :

Site name/Title

What are the main objectives of website?
Business Promotion

Is there any exiting site?
Exiting logo/or need new logo?

What are your proposed website architecture / navigation structure/ Site map for site?

Need top navigation as drop down?

Need left navigation in internal pages?

What is the target audience for the website?
International Companies/ Organization  who would like to enter into Indian Market

Related/reference sites

Key words to describe look & feel?

Need Feedback, Contact Us page?

Need Google Analytics code or detail?

Need Google Custom Search?

Integration of information e.g. Social media account or links detail (facebook twitter etc.)

Who will provide the resources? e.g.  Site related Content and Stock, Company Photography


Legal detail e.g. Copyright, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies


Sort description about site.

Checklist:  site development

1.       Don’t use inline Style.
2.       Use separate style (external styles)

1.       Font size/spacing is easy to read

2.       Flash & add‐ons are used sparingly

3.       Images have appropriate ALT tags

4.       Site has custom not‐found/404 page

5.       Company logo is prominently placed

6.       Tagline makes company’s purpose clear

7.       Home‐page is digestible in 5 seconds

8.       Clear path to company information

9.       Clear path to contact information

10.   Navigation is easy to use for target audience

11.   Navigation is structured in an unordered list (accessibility)

12.   All navigation hyperlinks "work" — are not broken

13.   Main navigation is easily identifiable

14.   Navigation labels are clear & concise

15.   Number of buttons/links is reasonable

16.   Company logo is linked to home‐page

17.   Links are consistent & easy to identify

18.   Site search is easy to access

19.   Major headings are clear & descriptive

20.   Styles & colors are consistent

21.   Emphasis (bold, etc.) is used sparingly

22.   Ads & pop‐ups are unobtrusive

23.   Main copy is concise & explanatory

24.   URLs are meaningful & user‐friendly

25.   HTML page titles are explanatory

Browser Compatibility

26.   Displays on popular versions of Internet Explorer

27.   Displays on popular versions of Firefox

28.   Display on popular versions of Safari (both Mac and Windows)


29.   Each audio/video/Flash file used serves a clear purpose

30.   The audio/video/Flash files used enhance rather than distract from the site

31.   Captions are provided for each audio or video file used (accessibility)

32.   Download times for audio or video files are indicated

33.   Links to downloads for media plug-ins are provided

Content Presentation

34.   Common fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman are used OR no more than one web font used

35.   Techniques of writing for the Web are used: headings, bullet points, short sentences in short paragraphs, use of white space, etc.

36.   Fonts, font sizes, and font colors are consistently used

37.   Content provides meaningful, useful information

38.   Content is organized in a consistent manner

39.   Information is easy to find (minimal clicks)

40.   Timeliness: The date of the last revision and/or copyright date is accurate

41.   Content does not include outdated material

42.   Content is free of typographical and grammatical errors

43.   Content provides links to other useful sites

44.   If standard link colors are not used, hyperlinks use a consistent set of colors to indicate visited/nonvisited status

45.   If graphics and/or media is used to convey meaning, the alternate text equivalent of the content is provided (accessibility)


46.   All internal hyperlinks work

47.   All external hyperlinks work

48.   All forms function as expected

49.   No JavaScript errors are generated


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