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SharePoint 2013 includes a number of new features to make it easier than ever before to style and publish web sites.  One of those features is Design Manager; it allows you to do things like create different channels for your content – such as one set of pages for full size browsers, one for mobile devices, another for tablets, etc.  You can associate different master pages with each channel.  And one of the really interesting features is that you can create a page in any standard HTML editing tool, like Dreamweaver, and upload it to SharePoint and use it as a master page.  SharePoint takes care of automatically creating an .aspx page that it keeps in sync with your .html file.  After this conversion takes place you’re not stuck going back to some other tool to edit it; you can continue to edit the .html file in your preferred editing tool and every time you save it SharePoint syncs up the .aspx file that’s used to render your master page. 

 In addition we provide something called Snippets that allow you to take chunks of gooey SharePoint goodness and plug it into your master page.  You simply select the type of snippet you want – like a search box, or quick navigation, etc. – and copy the auto-generated code for the feature and paste it into your master page.  It’s not a complete walk in the park though – there are still some SharePoint-ism’s you need to know in order to completely convert your standard .html page into a SharePoint master page.


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