Conditional CSS for IE

Conditional-CSS allows you to write maintainable CSS with conditional logic to target specific CSS statements at both individual browsers and groups of browsers.

#notification {    padding: 8px 20px 5px 12px;}
#notification {    *padding: 8px 20px 5px 12px;    /* IE6 + 7, doesn't work in IE8/9 as IE7 */}
#notification {    _padding: 8px 20px 5px 12px;     /* IE6 */}
#notification {    padding: 17px 21px 7px 12px \0/IE8+9; /* IE8 + 9 + IE10pp4  */}
:root #notification { padding: 17px 21px 7px 12px \0/IE8+9; \0/IE9; }  /* IE9 + IE10pp4 */

<div id="notification">


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