Bootstrap Advantages

Bootstrap has a lot of advantages over starting from scratch on your web dev projects. One of the biggest reasons is the vast number of resources available for Bootstrap, especially when compared to a lot of other frameworks and boilerplates

But beyond the resources available, there are a lot of other reasons to use Bootstrap:

It’s easy to use: 
getting started with Bootstrap is a pretty quick and easy process. And it’s flexible: you can use it with Less or CSS, and even Sass (if you download the Sass version).

The grid: 
Bootstrap uses a 12-column responsive grid. It even supports nested and offset elements. The grid can be kept responsive, or you can easily change it to a fixed layout.

Faster development: 
because Bootstrap has so many ready-made components and resources available, it can significantly speed up your development process.

Base styles: 
Bootstrap comes with base styles for a ton of HTML elements you’re going to be using anyway. It includes styles for typography, forms, images, and much more.

Pre-styled components: 
Bootstrap also comes with pre-styled components for dropdowns, nav bars, alerts, and many others.

Bundled JavaScript components: 
Bootstrap comes with a bunch of JavaScript components to add functionality. It makes it easy to manipulate things like modal windows, tooltips, alerts, and more. You can skip writing scripts all together.

Excellent documentation: 
Bootstrap has exceptional documentation available, which is useful for both beginners and more advanced users.

Easy integration: 
Bootstrap can be integrated with a variety of other frameworks and platforms, on both new sites and existing ones. You can even use just specific elements of Bootstrap alongside your existing CSS.

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